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Havex Capitals is an investment portfolio management company that trades on Real Estate, Forex and Cryptocurrency. We are a trading platform that is focused on researching the real estate market for assets that can be purchased and kept on resale in order to generate profit for our investors. The profit made is traded in the forex and crypto market to generate more income this keeps the system going and our investors happy.

Did you know that you can invest in real estate without physically having anything to do with the property? Such is the power of real estate investing companies. Havex Capitals combines the power of both real estate and forex trading alongside crypto to ensure wealth creation in the company and amongst our investors. Why not take a tour round our offers you’ll definitely find something interesting.


To give people the power to easily save and manage their finances through automation while making better financial and business decisions.


To see more happy people in the economy with successful projects executed without much hassle as regards financing. The more people save, the more they have money to carry out projects when the time comes, this is why Havex Capitals is in Partnership with other reputable Entrepreneur Platform to incubate business leaders across various sectors.